• Environmentally friendly
  • Easy installing and dismantling
  • Safety
  • Maintenance free
  • Economy
  • Design Versatility
  • High Load Capacity
  • No Sharp Corner
  • UV Resistant
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Feature & Value of this HDPE floating dock:

  • Size (length*width*height)
    • Size of #1 pontoon: 50cm *50cm *40cm
    • Size of #2 economical pontoon: 50cm *50cm *25cm
    • And every square meter is composed by 4 pontoons.

  • Material
  • Use heavy molecular weight high density polyethylene (HMWHDPE) and other additaments as raw materials, making the pontoons tough, strong, durable and resistant to frost, UV Rays, chemical corrosions, salt water & oil.

  • Security
  • Adopt anti-skid design on the surface, each corner is made round and smooth in order to eliminate such accidents usually happened to cement and wooden structures as sliding and injuries by hook and nails.

  • Installation
  • Assemble flexibly, quickly and easily. Can piece together to make any shape you need.

  • Capacity
  • Each square meter can load at least 350KG capacity.

  • Lifespan
  • Under normal condition, its' cost life can last for at least 15 years.

  • Package
  • All use woven bags in package. Each bag can load 2 pcs of #1 pontoon, while with #2 pontoons it can load 4 pcs.



  • Unlimited number of construction.
  • The pontoons of the construction can adapt to any specific lakeside residents needs and can be assembled to correspond with the shape or size you have in mind. The possible number of construction is unlimited Just use your imagination!

  • Fast and easy to assemble
  • Only 2 people are needed to put together 50 cubes in a one hour period. The pontoon construction is very simple, blocks held together tightly and firmly with special connecting pins. All parts are light weight and easy to handle.

  • UV resistant
  • Ocean pontoon is made of high-density polyethylene. It can resist shocks, climate changes, bad water and sun conditions as well as to a large range of chemical products. Do not oxidize or deteriorate in any way. So the water environment where the pontoon is floating will stay perfectly clean

  • Lightweight, robust and safe
  • The safety aspect of nautical products is very important. This is why we had rigorous tests. Amongst its safety characteristics there are: great stability of our dock, its loading capacity and also its non-slip surface.

  • Economy
  • Ocean pontoon is low maintenance and upkeep. You will waste no more time, money or long work hours to redo it year after year like with conventional wood or metal construction.



  • Floating plastic dock is made from high density synthetic materials(HDPE)- strengthened materials that are anticorrosive, antifreeze, anti-oxidation, uvioresistant and environment-friendly, which can avoid erosion from sea water, chemicals, medicine, oil stain and aquatic life;

  • Anti skid design on its upper surface can ensure safety and stability, and its four circular arc and obtuse angle shaped corners can avoid danger from cement, wood and steel facilities such as slip, puncture wound by broken sawdust, rusty nails;

  • This product has long life span of over 15 years without any expenses spending on preservation and maintenance, unless there exists strong nature force and man induced improper use;

  • With easy, quick and flexible assembly and various shapes, this product's whole modular structure ensures platform shape can be changed to fit all kinds of landscapes; bright and colorful appearance and beautiful shape can create an added special effective picture to scenic spot;

  • Its reasonable price, if we take long views, can save much more expenses and time on preservation, maintenance, replacement and repair;

  • Its reasonable price, for floating dock system, such as bollard, handrails,crashworthy ball, pile guide etc


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