Solar On Jetties

While nearly 100% of the world's solar energy systems are land-based, land resources in many regions worldwide are rapidly dwindling. At the same time, most of the sun energy hitting the earth falls on water surfaces. As such, "solar-on-water" systems represent an environmentally-friendly and economically beneficial opportunity for leveraging unutilized water surfaces across the globe.

Recognizing the potential for harnessing "solar-on-water" energy, we have developed its initial groundbreaking offering – a solar-on-water power plant. Based on proven, patented cooling technology, we are offering converts any water surface into a cost-effective and reliable solar energy platform. The unique solution enables public- and private-sector owners and operators of water resources to lower capital and maintenance costs, increase revenues, and enjoy a return on investment (ROI) within just a few years.

Advantages of Solar on water bodies

No need to buy and occupy expensive land.

No need to build storm-proof frames to mount the solar panels on.

The solar cells will benefit from the cooling effect of the water, as solar cells lose efficiency as the temperature rises.

The system is an adjunct to a pre-existing hydroelectric dam. Solar power can supply power during the day, with the dam saving a lot of water (energy) in proportion to the solar power produced.

In the night, the dam can release more water to drive turbines.

The floating solar array would reduce evaporation from the surface of a dam.

Large Water bodies are available i.e. 30,000Sq. KM in India.

All dismountable and recyclable.

The floating solar array would Eliminate organic and algae growth.

Preserving water freshness and quality.

Equipment without any risk of pollution (biodegradable) adapting characteristics of ponds very difficult